Buying a car is an individual’s dream. But when the dream starts turning into a reality, then sometimes people starts getting nervous. Actually there are so many brands and so much of choices that sometimes they are unable to make the right choice. In such a case an expert guidance is very much needed to facilitate a car buyer to make his choices.

One such expert is The company is a web based and deals in automobile which mainly consists of new cars and used cars. Buy your car is the first online car retail website in the USA. The company also offers new as well as used cars, dealer deals, contract hire and car lease. Auto finance and insurance is also offered by The company has started associating themselves in the automotive industry since its launch in the year 2003. So they can offer their buyers the best possible price for type or brand of cars.

There are many things that strike the mind of a car buyer. Firstly it is the price of the car, secondly it’s the safety parameters and then it’s the fuel efficiency. Price has always been a key factor among every car buyers. If the buyer is very much conscious about the price of the vehicle then he must choose the car which belongs to the economy segment or class. In such a class of cars, there are no creature comforts. These are simply basic automobile and are only used for the transportation from one pint to the other point.

In this class of automobiles, the cars are also highly fuel efficient, since the cars have a very small or a low cubic capacity motor that burns less fuel. So from the buyer’s point of view, that’s a bonus. A prime example of such car was the German made Volkswagen Beetle, nicknamed as the bug. It was the world’s first people’s car. Some buyer demands style, power and luxury all in one car. There are plenty of cars like Ford, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and many more. These cars come fully loaded with all kinds of creature comforts like air-conditioner, audio systems, leather seats, tinted or laminated glasses, anti-lock brakes and many more. These cars are fairly more expensive and people who want to buy such cars are willing to pay the extra cash for all the extra stuff.

Sometimes buying a used car also makes a lot of sense than buying an all new car. There are number of cars which are not very old but still costs much less than an all new one, thereby making the deal sweeter than honey. But used cars do also come with a drawback of its own. So before going for a used car, a through evaluation of the car needs to be done. In such a case an expert guidance is highly recommended.

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Size Matters! The first few things that you should know about Sport-Utility Vehicles(SUV cars) are that its three groups: Mini or Compact SUV, Midsize SUV and Full-size SUV. Size does not limit itself to the measurements but as you move higher with the size so does the other features rise further like the engine power, the ability of towing, the room for passengers and the price of an SUV.

The Price You Pay: When purchasing SUV cars, the main thing that bothers most of us is the price of the suv car. however; contrary to the fact that SUVs are expensive, the compact/ mini group are the most affordable of the lot and the starting price of the suv car could be anywhere below $20,000. Prices on the Midsize and the Full-size vary according to its features. The basic models in the Midsize SUV and Full-size SUV groups can range anywhere from the middle of $20,000 and can go up to the middle of $40,000. The luxury range of SUVs has a price range that begins from $40,000 and could go way over the $100,000 mark.

Economy of Fuel/ Engine: The Engine and Fuel Economy also vary according to the range of SUVs. There are four-cylinder and six-cylinder SUV car varieties but the mid-size versions come with the regular six-cylinder engines and one has the V8s to also choose from. All Full-size SUVs are available with V8 engines but when you look at the economical side of it the compact/ mini versions come with four-cylinder engines which can achieve a mileage of up to 20 and over. The six-cylinder SUV cars variants give a mileage less than 20 however; there are the gas-electric versions which give a better figure and the Full-size SUVs hover anywhere between 12 to 20 mpg.

Safety First, Everything Else Next: Safety is a primary concern for all of us. SUV cars have all safety features like side curtained airbags, rollover protection systems and control stability on all the models whether it is the mini/compact SUV version or the luxury class. Even if you are planning on purchasing the mini version of the SUV, one can get all safety features like complete airbag coverage and stability control or as optional features. No matter what people think about the look or the feel of an SUV car and with all the developments that technology has made so far; SUVs still do not stop or handle the same way as cars. While the latter is always better in this department; it is important that people who want to stay in vogue by purchasing an SUV should read through the details of brakes and the handling performance of any particular model that draws their interest.

A little Luxury and Convenience: Almost all mini/compact SUVs come with the basics like Compact Disc Changers, Automatic Climate Controls and Leather Upholsteries. The Midsize versions come completely with features that spell convenience and comfort. It also gives you a host of other luxurious amenities as options and the Full-size groups give you the biggest and best choices of luxury in a drive. However; there are many other SUV models which that are available for rough usage and do not concentrate on the luxury amenities.

Interior and Exterior: Most SUV cars and hybrids except a few are designed to hold five passengers. The compact version may have seating capacity at the rear end to squeeze in three but is comfortable for two passengers but adjustments can be made to enhance the legroom and offer more comfort. The Midsize and Full-size SUV cars give a perfect second-row accommodation and now there are many newer versions of SUVs in the compact to full-size groups that allow the option of adding a third seat to improve the seating capacity. Mostly these three row options are made use by people who have little children as it suits them just fine.

Capacity for Cargo: Every SUV car model gives you the option of folding or removing the seats to make more room for cargo. Almost all SUVs which have third-seat rows have the facility of folding onto the floor; the mini/compact version allows about 70 cubic feet of space while the midsize can go up to 100 cubic feet. The full-size SUV versions offer storage space of over 100 cubic feet.

Car Based vs. Truck Based Variants of SUVs: SUVs which are car-based give a more precise handling and an enjoyable ride filled with comfort and sometimes have more room in the interiors. On the other hand, the truck-based SUVs are efficient in towing weight, are better in off-road conditions and are much sturdier due to its hardware.

What is the difference between 2WD/ 4WD/ AWD? In a Two-Wheel Drive only two wheels either on the front or the rear of the SUV car provides power to the vehicle. The Four-Wheel Drive gives the user the choice of choosing between two or four-wheel drive and this helps in low-range gearing during off-roading of the SUV. The All-Wheel Drive SUVs distributes the power to the wheels automatically in various degrees depending on the ones that have the most traction.

Operational Costs: Maintenance and fuel charges are low in compact/mini SUV versions of SUVs since they are small, light and do not have complicated four-wheel drive systems. However; the same cannot be said for the midsize and full-size SUV models since they have larger engines – mileage is low and insurance charges are higher.

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